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On Raising the Minimum Wage

One of the most extraordinary parts of the United States presidential primaries has been the highlight of economic inequality and the minimum wage as an issue in the race for the Democratic nomination. Slowly but surely, the idea of a … Continue reading

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The Peculiarity of Island Cities

One of the constants of urbanism and the foundation and growth of cities is that cities are almost always located at or near a water source. The reasons for this are fairly obvious; water is necessary for human survival and … Continue reading

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Canada’s Upcoming Election Could Lead to Political Realignment

In just about two months on October 19, Canada will go to the polls to decide on the next Parliament. The 2015 election will be very different from past elections for several reasons. For one, the campaign will be the … Continue reading

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L’Eixample, Ildefons Cerda’s Visionary Plan in Barcelona

If you look at the city of Barcelona today, a peculiar pattern stands out amongst other cities’ layouts. The medieval core of Barcelona is a tangle of winding narrow streets and alleys. Beyond it, however, the majority of Barcelona stretches … Continue reading

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